Our Story

Komal Goyal and G P Saxena initiated this ameliorative project for humanity after a few bitter experiences where their own loved ones had to suffer in old age. Komal had to rush back to USA leaving behind her old mother in India, all by herself, due to her professional obligations. GP’s elderly aunt was defrauded of her cash and jewellery by a paying guest whom she had kept for her own safety. Both of them felt hurt and earnestly desired to be with their kin besides ensuring complete security for them.

These traumatic experiences became the pivotal reasons behind the conception of this project and gave rise to the idea of working for a greater social cause. Initially it was meant for vulnerable elderly people only, but gradually it culminated into a package of services for anyone in distress. Trusted Nest has put itself in others’ shoes and undertaken the responsibility of providing trusted services in every sphere of your life with a unique feature of owning the responsibility for any kind of catastrophe. Trusted Nest guarantees 100% secure network of associates who are referred by your own trusted circle of friends and their credentials are verified with the help of artificial intelligence.

Using the platform of Trusted Nest, the directors, are endeavouring to revive the lost trust in this society which has been invaded by the unabated fury of crime and treachery.