Aging Parent Care

Aging is a natural process with many apprehensions associated with it. Psycho-emotional concerns (isolation, prolonged medication, helplessness) mar the quality of life of the elderly. The anxiety of being dependant on their own children as well as the, inability to be completely self-sufficient cast a dark shadow on their minds. As the seniors in our communities. Health begins to deteriorate, they become disoriented and need increased attention. They need assistance for daily activities like moving around the house, maintaining hygiene, and chores outside the house (such as driving to hospitals, groceries, banks etc).Above all, they invariably need a companion. While children would love to support their parents in old age, most of them are unable to do so because of their busy schedules, high demanding careers, and financial compulsions. Besides, in our aging population, their own health issues can prevent them from taking up the role of a full time primary health care giver. Those staying abroad are in an even greater predicament as they shed tears of guilt and face the dilemma of either uprooting their own lives by moving closer to the parents or manage things from a distance.

Still, it remains the moral responsibility of the children to assess the potential danger from strangers and provide trustworthy caregivers for their parents.

Trusted Nest, the one- stop in-home care-providers, puts an end to your predicament.

We provide trustworthy caregivers without upsetting your life. Our team will be a ‘family of your choice’, recommended by your circle of trusted friends.

With the help of technology, Trusted Nest provides a heterogeneous model of in-home caregiving. All our associates undergo extensive background checks and psychometric tests to ensure your peace of mind. They are experts and help the elderly in their daily needs without uprooting them from the surroundings they are so used to. They will turn your desire of personally looking after your parents into a reality by working as compassionately as you would.