Newborn Care

Taking care of the newborn baby remains a unique challenge across the world. Transition from being just a wife or husband to a mother or father is a period of trial for every person. An infant always lends to a mind full of anxieties and worries. Infant care includes: bathing, cleaning with wipes or water after bowel, changing diaper, feeding the baby, relieving the baby from gas, cleaning his nose and ears, cutting nails, helping in case of constipation, massaging of muscles, timely vaccination and the list goes on. In fact the first year of the child is the most crucial and impressionable period of his life. Besides, you need emotional support and physical help for various chores like laundry, grocery shopping etc. Newborn babies require undivided attention round the clock and leave you wondering how women of yesteryears raised so many kids effortlessly. Parenthood can be extremely stressful unless you have the succour of expert and experienced hands around.

Grandmothers and relatives played an imperative role in raising a child in joint families. One always wishes to have grandparents around for their incredible support to make your motherhood a memorable experience.

In the absence of a grandmother, you need a trustworthy experienced lady to help you in raising your little darling. You cannot leave your baby in the hands of strangers.

Trusted Nest provides you granny-nannies with deep experience of life who can substitute for a granny and assure your peace of mind. These reliable nannies will be women tried by your friends and will look after your baby passionately besides saving you the hassle of taking obligations of relatives. You can go back to work mentally relaxed while being assured that someone will love and care for your child as you or your mother would do. Loyalty, patience and trustworthiness are the hallmarks of a Trusted Nest granny-nanny.