Post Hospitalisation Care

The overall perception of hospitalisation is that of stress and suffering. Additionally, the time after being discharged from hospital is the most crucial. It is a high risk period since the patients tend to take medication and the doctor’s instructions too casually and this attitude hampers recovery. Weakened immune system, loneliness due to the absence of immediate family, limited communication, and inability to move independently pave the way to stress and depression. The mere sight of a loved one or a few words of encouragement are enough to ensure the patient’s emotional wellbeing.

But, work responsibilities and personal commitments do not allow you to be present beside your loved ones all the time. Trusted Nest pitches in at this juncture with its most trusted team to help you in such critical moments. Our caregivers are people known or recommended by your own trusted circle of friends. These caregivers are equipped with the values of trust and compassion. They will coordinate with the members of the family and help in smooth recuperation. Post hospitalisation care givers will make the doctor’s treatment a reality by administering timely medication and therapies. Their services include assistance in daily activities like movement, bathing, toileting, personal care, laundry, cleaning etc.

Their compassionate care will expedite the transition of the patient back to a normal routine. Our trusted associates will create a positive environment and bring about physical, mental and spiritual wellness of your dear ones.