Post Procedure Care

Pre- procedural anxiety is understandable but at times it is found to increase manifold after the procedure. Despite normal recovery the patient keeps worrying about post procedural care, the thought of scars and marks, and the fear and shame associated. Post procedural care is imperative for the first few weeks.

This is the time when slightest discomfort triggers disappointment. Common signs of post operative depression like lowered appetite, decreased energy level, mood swings etc. are frequently sighted among patients. There are times when the patient does not want to disclose about the procedure to anyone, not even to his family, but still he needs someone for post procedural care. The patient needs assistance in administering medication, recommended therapies, personal care and other household chores. More than anything else, the patient needs a trustworthy companion who would acknowledge and support his state of mind.

Trusted Nest steps in at this critical hour with its team of incredibly dedicated and trusted associates who will provide the patient the much desired emotional, mental and physical support. You can rely on them without the fear of your secrets of surgery being revealed to anyone. They will serve you with utmost compassion and kindness to alleviate your anxiety. They can counsel the patient and relieve them of their worries. Trusted Nest associates are in fact friends forever recommended by our clients who have already tried our services. These people will be referred by your own trusted family or friends.